The power of the soul of nature

Energy is everywhere, it is life itself and can be felt above all in nature.

I take this power of the soul of nature into myself and transmit it with my works so that everyone can feel it. I want to help the viewer to find back to nature through this positive energy, especially people who live in big cities need this impulse to return to well-being and balance.

With sensitivity I observe nature to understand its essence and hope the viewer can read this in my works.

The delicate transparent shades of the prints as well as the powerful forms of the sculptures are an expression of this life energy.

An artist at the pulse of nature

Tatjana Labossière is a German artist who has lived in Paris for many years. Art has always been part of her life, the first contacts as a child in her father’s studio in the country must have awakened this passion.  She nourishes her creativity in contact with nature, the dialogue with trees and plants, collecting the stones for her sculptures in the mountains are essential moments to get closer to the soul of nature. Working with wood and stones was the beginning of sculpture, later she graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Versailles, Department of Sculpture.

There she also learned printing techniques on paper, which she developed further in her very personal, sculptural way. The material and volume remain perceptible on the paper, her monotypes tell the soul of nature.  All her works are always one-offs, each sculpture is the work of her hands, even if working with steel requires enormous energy. Her typical Parisian studio from 1900 offers her works a perfect setting and a special light to work in. She regularly takes part in exhibitions or opens the doors of her studio to visitors.

Today her works can be found in many private collections around the world.